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Hello and welcome to 203k HUD Consultants where our mission is to “bring you construction peace of mind.” 203k HUD CONSULTANTS offers FHA/Home-style HUD Consulting services to homebuyers and lenders.

203k HUD Consultants is fully aware of the pressures that come with purchasing a home in need of repairs. We are committed to greatness and excellence and assure you the best experience during your renovation project. Your opinion counts! Our Goal is to constantly meet and exceed your expectations by providing supreme construction management and excellent results.

The purchase of a house is your greatest investment, and for that reason it should be planned, executed and completed by professionals and experienced HUD Consultants. Our team has assisted many buyers during the purchase/refinance of their homes and their construction projects.

Our Vast experience in Real estate and 203k home renovations guarantees you will receive the most value for your money.

Site Visit

203K HUD Consultant will perform a site visit to meet with the borrower.

Specification of Repairs

203K HUD Consultants will write up a specification of repairs for borrower.

Scope of Work

203K HUD Consultants will hand scope of works to contractors for price comparison.

Draw Inspections

203K HUD Consultants will draw up inspections after the loan closing.

Why Choose 203k

Hud Consultants


203K HUD Consultants is a professional company. We are FHA/HUD experience always ready for your renovation and upgrades. Approved with all Mortgage lenders in the Country.


FHA 203k/Streamline knowledgeable company. We have completed various 203k projects in New Jersey wide-spreading satisfaction, transparency, quality and punctuality.


We guarantee paperwork & document handling to be returned to you or your mortgage company within 3-5 business hours. Most reports are delivered within 24-48 hours after the inspection.

“We are vetted and approved to work
with all Mortgage Lenders in the country.”

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